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Upgrade your phone experience with ring phone holder & kickstand! 360° rotation & 180° bend for comfortable grip, viewing, & selfies. Strong adhesive & built-in magnet for secure hold & car mount compatibility. Universal fit for iPhone & Android.


1. Unleash Your Phone's Full Potential: A-LuGei's 2-in-1 Ring Grip & Kickstand

Ditch the bulky cases and experience unmatched convenience with the A-LuGei phone ring holder. This innovative product seamlessly combines a secure finger grip with a versatile kickstand, empowering you to use your phone effortlessly in various situations. Whether you're capturing stunning photos, watching videos, or juggling tasks, the A-LuGei ring grip and kickstand ensures your phone stays comfortably within reach and securely held.


2. Unwavering Support & Enhanced Flexibility: The A-LuGei Difference

Experience unwavering support with the A-LuGei's 2-jointed arm design. This innovative feature allows you to adjust the viewing angle a full 360 degrees and position your phone precisely at your desired comfort level. The 180-degree rotating base further amplifies flexibility, enabling effortless switching between portrait and landscape modes.


3. Secure Grip, Effortless Mounting: A-LuGei, Your Everyday Companion

The A-LuGei ring grip boasts a strong, secure hold, preventing accidental drops even when your hands are full. Its integrated magnetic base seamlessly mounts your phone onto car mounts or magnetic surfaces in your kitchen, office, or anywhere else you need hands-free access.

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  • Ring Grip & Kickstand: 2-in-1 Phone Power
  • Unbreakable Grip: Use Your Phone Fearlessly
  • Effortless Viewing: The Perfect Phone Angle, Every Time
  • Magnetic Mount Ready: Convenience On-the-Go
  • A-LuGei: Your Phone's Best Friend


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2-in-1 Phone Holder Ring & Kickstand: Grip, Stand, & Magnetic Mount

  • 30 day refund policy, if it is not damaged or used prior to refund.

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