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Mini home/outdoor projector and projector screen

Thoughtful design

Compact Mobile Cinema-This is similar to a CYLINDRICAL pen barrel design, lightweight and small for easy insertion and portability.

Home & Outdoor Projector-The stand can be swung and adjustable by 180 degrees to suit the reserving environment and requirements.

Powerful core functionality

Dual-band WiFi-Supports 2. Effective with internet connectivity; 4G&5G WiFi connection, and wireless projection of images.

Bluetooth 5. 2-Can connect to several other Bluetooth gadgets to play and share Sound, Immersive

Precise image alignment – The device can automatically correct the vertical position of the image, in addition, you can perform electronic keystone adjustment with four points.

Screen zoom – Has a preset function that enables a 100%-50% zoom ratio to the screen.

It effects using USB port with Android and Apple phones for data transfer to or from the phone.

Features including distinct exterior appearance and robust fundamental capabilities offers you a new sight.

Static projection brightness and equally distributed colors

Core parameters

Native:1280×720 ——720P(HD)

Max:4K(HDMI transmission)

Brightness:9000 LM

Color uniformity:85%

Picture experience

The projector has fixed and is not portable due to its size and image quality as it has a native resolution of 720P, although the hardware is compatible with up to 4K images when transmitted through HDMI cable, and the wireless transmission supports up to 1080P images.

9000LM brightness - the clarity and quality of the picture displayed is far much better in a darker surrounding rather than in a brightly illuminated room, not forgetting that the proximity of the screen is much better compared to when the distance is lean.

All in all, the 6 is at its best when you get the best viewing experience which is a little better than during the day in a dark environment. Not only can it project a stunning an 80-inch screen from a distance of 5 feet away.

A clear, sharp picture, adjustable picture settings, portability and setting-up in various projection environments bring a good picture quality.

Tiktok Mini Portable Projector 180°rotation

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